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PHS Class of 2018 Senior Formals Begin July 10

You will soon receive a letter with PHS Senior Formal appointment information!


High School Seniors

If you want totally awesome senior pics, you’ve come to right place! P-Town Studios will take your formal yearbook picture, AND casual lifestyle pictures in the studio or on location.


Formal Prices

If you are a Paradise High School senior, there is no session fee for your formal session. Formals session print prices are $30 each for the following print sizes, with a minimum purchase of $60. 1 8x10 or 2 5x7's or 4 4x5's or 8 wallets


Casual Prices

1 Hr Casual senior session fee -- $75
15 min Casual Mini session fee -- $25
Gift print and product prices from $35
Specially priced packages to save you money.
Basic retouching included with your print order.


Just For Girls

Every girl deserves to feel like a model at least once in their lives; why not now? P-Town Studios provides a fun and fabulous experience for girls who want the best senior pictures available anywhere. With unlimited outfits, lots of variety, and friendly photographers, you will feel like a fashion model — and look like one too!

During the session, we concentrate on fun, sassy, fresh images. We also, however, shoot several traditionally styled senior images, so the photos will satisfy both you and your family.

It is highly recommended that you have your make-up professionally done for your senior pictures, even if you never wear make-up. If you choose to do your own makeup, here are a few tips:

Glossy, shiny, color! Lips look best in reds, berries, and browns. Be careful to maintain contrast. For dark-haired girls, we suggest darker colors; for blondes, lighter colors. Even if you never wear lipstick, a little color goes a long way. At the bare minimum, bring lip gloss to put a little shine on your lips.

The color of your face should match your neck and shoulders. At a MAXIMUM, you can go one shade darker. Use an SPF-free moisturizer and foundation to prevent glare and reflections. Use a translucent powder to set. Bring extra powder for touch-ups. Don’t overdo your make-up to cover pimples or blemishes; we can easily take care of any facial blemishes with retouch.

Don’t be afraid to have a little color on the apples of the cheekbones (petal pink). It brightens up the appearance of the face and gives a healthy glow.

Well-groomed eyebrows are a must. Enhance eyelashes with black waterproof mascara. Dark brown eyeliner is a natural alternative to black and complements all light shimmery eye shadows. We don’t recommend liquid eyeliners of any sort. Bottom eyeliner should not extend to the inside corner of the eye; that closes the eye down and makes it look smaller than it really is. Stop just past the iris of the eye when looking straight forward.

The color should be clear, neutral, or a french tip. If you are going to show your feet (most girls do), then do your toenails, too. Please…no bright or funky nail color; it will take away the emphasis on your face.

We suggest you don’t try anything new just before your session. Go with the style and color you are comfortable with. Curly or straight is up to you!

Just for Guys

You might be one of those guys who loves to get his picture taken — then again, maybe you’re not. Not to worry! Either way, Tracy and Wendy will help you feel comfortable, and will work with you to create amazing senior portraits. Are you into sports? Let’s do some images in your uniform, with accessories that match your favorite sport. Love your car? Let’s add it to your images! Into music? Musical instruments are always welcome!

Do you need a little help getting ready for your photo session? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

We suggest you don’t try anything new just before your session. Go with the style you are comfortable with. If you do need a trim, try to get that done a few weeks before your session.

Nails should be clean and trimmed. Pay special attention to your cuticles. You might even want to get a manicure before your session. Real men DO get manicures!

The Beard
Please come to your session freshly shaved. If you regularly wear facial hair, make sure it is trimmed and neat.

Please don’t worry too much about covering up any acne. A light touch of coverup is fine, but we can take care of even the worst acne with retouching.

For the Parents

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a photographer for your child's senior portraits:

1. Make sure you like the style of the photography. Look at the photographer’s website to make sure their style is consistent and pleasing to your taste.
2. The best photographer should make you and your teen feel totally comfortable, not uneasy or unsure. Make sure that it is a photographer that deals with teenagers regularly, not someone who takes pictures part time or is just a hobbyist. Look for a photographer who is happy and fun!
3. How is the quality of the finished product? Is there a blue or yellow tint to the image? Are the highlights all blown out? These are indications of a photographer who is untrained and not familiar with their equipment.
4. Although budget is an issue, is should not be the only deciding factor in choosing a photographer. Look for quality and good price. These images should last a lifetime and you want them to be the best you can get for your investment.
5. A professional photographer or someone with a camera? Today it seems like everyone is a “photographer” and claims to be a “professional” capable of doing senior portraits, but they have little or no training as a photographer. That can be a sad reality for many parents who choose these individuals. These so-called professional photographers believe that if they purchase a great camera, they will be able to produce great images. The reality is that the camera is only a small part of making great images. There is so much more to it, something these “professionals”” generally find that out as they practice on your teen’s senior pictures. A professional chef doesn’t get to be a professional chef simply by purchasing a great set of knives and a gas stove. We all know that even if a chef purchases the very best pots and pans available, it still won’t make them a professional chef! It’s exactly the same with photography. Photography is an acquired talent that takes years to learn. Just like the pro golfer, race car driver, or chef, it is the talent AND experience that makes them a professional, NOT the equipment they own.

* Look for a true professional photographer who is capable of producing images that will make you and your senior proud to display.
* Look for a photographer who specializes in senior portraits.
* Look for a photographer who has experience, one who has photographed a variety of seniors.
* Look for a FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER; it really does make a difference!


Services Offered

P-Town Studios is also your best photographer for schools, families, weddings, seniors, babies, and business people.

Elementary & Middle Schools

  • Creative photography
  • Fundraisers
  • Choice of Service Items
  • Yearbooks

For High School

  • Senior Formals
  • Underclassmen
  • Team sports photos
  • Dances & Proms
  • Tons of Perks!

Sports Teams

  • Cool Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Real Professional Photographers
  • Years of Sports Photo Experience


  • Kid-friendly photographers
  • Fundraising help
  • Creative style
  • FREE Teacher class pics

High Schools

Hey High School Administrators and Yearbook Advisers! P-Town Studios is your best choice for all your school's photography needs. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

*Senior formals taken at school on scheduled picture days AND by private appointment in the our Paradise studio.
*Specially priced packages available exclusively on scheduled picture days.
*School Portraits for underclassmen.
*All formal portraits provided for yearbook.
*Sports teams photographed for yearbook and picture packages available for athletes to purchase.
*Candid pictures of special school events like homecoming, dances, graduation and clubs for the yearbook.
*Picture packages for prom and other school dances. Quick turn-around time for orders!
*Senior class panorama picture for yearbook and available for purchase by students.
*Graduation Cap & Gown sessions the week before graduation.
*Family pictures of seniors and their families immediately following graduation ceremonies.
*Mentoring for students interested in photography.
*Gift portrait packages for up to 4 students per school per year. Award to be determined by the school administration.
*We are committed to making your job easier and will work hard to make sure you have images on time and in the proper format for your yearbook publisher. Please let us know if you have a special need or request.

Elementary and Middle Schools

High school students aren't the only ones who deserve fabulous school portraits! P-Town Studios offers the same great products and services to our elementary and middle school friends. From custom backgrounds to exclusive products to fundraisers for the school, P-Town has a lot to offer. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you get the best photography for your students and their families!


About Us

Tracy Lynn Photography and Wendy Mayo Photography have combined their talents and resources to create P- Town Studios, in order to provide Paradise schools, students and their families excellence in portrait photography. As friends and colleagues with a combined 25 years of professional photography experience, Wendy and Tracy guarantee that P-Town Studios is the best choice as your school’s exclusive photographer. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Wendy Mayo


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" It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. "

Tracy Cahn


About Tracy

Tracy Cahn of Tracy Lynn Photography has lived in Paradise for 38 years. She is actively involved in this community being a Paradise Chamber Member. As such Tracy has sponsored the photography and graphic design for promoting Johnny Appleseed Days since 2009. Other community activities she has sponsored include the Concourse de la Chapelle a benefit for Northern California Ballet and the Miss Heart Shine Pageant a benefit for the American Heart Association and Feather River Hospital. Tracy has been a wedding, event and portrait photographer for 13 years. She has taken care of the photography needs of Paradise Elementary, Evergreen 6, Vista Preschool, Durham Children’s Center along with many other Paradise businesses.

About Wendy

Wendy Mayo has lived in the Paradise-Magalia area for over 10 years and has been working as a professional portrait photographer for 12 years. She owns Wendy Mayo Photographer, a portrait studio in Paradise, and is a partner in Legends American Youth Photo, a north state youth sports photo business. Her clients include Children’s Community Charter School, Dance Evolution, Gold Nugget Queen Candidates, Juniper Preschool, Owens Pharmacy, What’s Buzzin’ Magazine, Paradise Gentle Dentistry, Wiscarson Law, and a variety of seniors and families in the area. Wendy is a member of the Professional Photographers Association, as well as a board member of the Nor Cal Professional Photographers Association. She lives with her husband, a local school teacher, her 2 sons, and their 3 dogs.

Contact Us

7967 Skyway, Paradise, CA
P.O. Box 4181
Paradise, CA 95967

Parents Love Us!

Thank you for the best school pictures my son has ever taken!
Achieve Charter School parent


Regular office hours: Mon-Thurs 1-5 pm
*Photo session times available Mon-Sat
If you need to stop by the studio at another time, please call. We are happy to come in early or stay late to accommodate your schedule!


And that's not all we do!

P-Town Studios is not just a school photographer. We offer all kinds of portrait sessions including, families, seniors, babies, and weddings. We specialize in people photography and offer the very best in photo products and excellent customer service. We want you to be happy with your finished images!

I sincerely want to thank you for doing a wonderful job on my daughter's photo!! You are awesome.
CORE Butte Charter parent

Spokesmodels for Class of 2015

This program is designed for high school juniors that want a great deal on the best senior pictures in Chico and Paradise and you don’t have to be a 5’9″ supermodel to apply! The P-Town senior spokesmodel program is open to all that want to apply - both girls and guys.

Juniors interested in this program will have a ton of fun representing P-Town Studios for their senior year.

This program is designed to allow juniors to do a little work for P-Town Studios to earn free products.

Juniors LOVE this program because they get the best senior pictures from the friendliest photographers in town!

Parents LOVE our program because they get the best deal on the best senior pictures for their kids!

How does it work?

In exchange for a little work on your part -- just talking to your friends -- you can earn print and product credits to use toward your formal and casual pictures. In addition, you get the following benefits:

Free Casual Senior Session
Free pass-along cards with your picture to hand out to all your friends
Free 20x30 mounted wall portrait (chosen by studio and displayed in studio until graduation)
Your image used on P-Town Studios' Facebook page, website, and in our studio displays
Free Facebook images to post on your page

To apply, send an email to wendy@ptownstudios.com with the following information:

School Name
Phone number
Are you on Facebook?
A short paragraph stating why you think you would be a good spokesmodel for P-Town Studios

We'll contact you soon!

*Space for each school is limited, so apply today. Call if you have any questions 876-1602, or send us a message on Facebook.